Dorks to retrieve FTP/SFTP passwords.

Posted on : 6th Oct 2018

I discovered a new google dork today. I was going through a SFTP plugin in sublime text 3, which created a file sftp-config.json to store FTP/SFTP credentials for a project server. Following dork retrieves the results including sftp-config.json files.

intitle:"Index Of" intext:sftp-config.json

Here is another dork for Atom text editor, in this case there is a SFTP/FTP plugin which saves the credentials in .ftpconfig file. Following dork will retrieve the results including .ftpconfig files.

intitle:"Index Of" intext:.ftpconfig

Here is another dork for VS code text editor.

intitle:"Index Of" intext:".vscode"

These dorks are published on exploit-db as well,

Disclaimer :
Both dorks were discovered by me, and are published here only for general awareness and with no harmful perspectives. You are responsible for your own actions.

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